IT Support

At Nacka Standsmässan you don't need to be an expert yourself. Or bring light and sound to your event. Together with our technicians, we help you to succeed, regardless if you need beamers, artistic lights or other creative solutions...

Contact us for some good advice before your event.
+46 (0) 850 584 470

Wireless Internet

Internet access: 100 Mbits Fiber (Bredbandsbolaget), Nomadix Hotspot Gateway. Access to public addresses. 
Access Points from Orinoco for A/B/G cards for wireless access.


Analogue phone sockets on most pillars in the halls Metallgjuteriet, Snickeriet and Järngjuteriet. Please order your phone access not later than 3 weeks prior to the event. GSM mobile phones work in the venue.

Business centre

Factory has an IT station for our guests use. You also have access to a printer.


Can be rented at a daily rate from SEK 1200 excluding VAT, but is included in the room rate of Snickeriet and Monteringen. Please notify our Reservation Department when making the reservation.

Power, water & drainage

The halls Metallgjuteriet, Snickeriet and Järngjuteriet are equipped with:
- 10 ampere 230 V at each pillar.
- 16 ampere 400 V at the outer piller rows.
- 32 ampere and 63 ampere. 
- Water pipes and drainage by the outer pillars row.
The hall Svenska Bilfabriken has access to 2x63 ampere, 3x16 ampere and 2x10 ampere every tenth metre.

Ceilings & Floors

Ceiling height in Metallgjuteriet: free ceiling height is 4.80/5.20 metres.
Maximum load on floors: 500 kg/m2.
Maximum load on beams: 100 kg per fix point, 400 kg per beam.
Pillars: Pillars in Metallgjuteriet are made by steel, painted grey, dimensions 0.2 x 0.2 metres. The space between pillars is appr. 6 metres. They cannot be used to attach signs or posters, since the venue is classified as historically significant.
Ceiling height in Svenska Bilfabriken: 2,70-4,40 metres.
Maximum load on floors: 400 kg/m2.
Maximum load on beams: 500 kg per beam, side beams. 


Loading and unloading of goods to Metallgjuteriet: Goods entrances at Augustendalstorget 2 or Automobilgatan 1.

The entrance at Augustendalstorget 2 uses an elevator with capacity of 3.400 kg.
Gate dimensions Automobilgatan 1: height 3.35 metres, breadth 3.00 metres.
Elevator dimensions: height 2.2 metres, breadth 2.2 metres, depth: 4.98 metres.

Loading and unloading of goods to Svenska Bilfabriken: use goods entrance at Cylindervägen 3.
Gate height is 2.28 metres, breath 1.80 metres.

Storing of goods: Contact stand service supplier ExpoRent.

Toilets: 18 in main building, 17 in the building Svenska Bilfabriken